Sunday, 4 September 2011

Working on prize winning Marmalade

They say you should not count your chickens till they have hatched...but if you want the eggs to hatch, you can follow best practice to ensure the best outcome...

Each of my batches of preserves in the past has been made with the same care and attention, so when it comes to competition time, I just go through my preserve cupboard, and select a pretty jar. This January though, I did not make enough to last me through, or maybe I gave a few too many jars away, so for the Marmalade section, I need to make a new batch....

Here is the batch coming up to the gentle roll stage.

The best outcome would have been with fresh Seville Oranges, but at this time of the year, I have only 0.75Kg of frozen ones to work on. However fresh juicy lemons, and my favourite brand of sugar, careful preparation, cooking, and testing, and my fingers are crossed that the judge will be of the same opinion as me!

In addition to spreading on toast, I use marmalade in cooking: to finish off pan fried duck breast as a sauce with rosemary, and port, in bread and butter pudding, in fruit cake etc....

With my registration papers from Warwickshire came all the guidance notes, and one was that there should be sufficient extraction to prevent moisture build up in the premises....can't say that I had a premonition about this venture, when we had an extractor hood fitted a few months ago...but it is a boom when they is so much simmering and boiling taking place. I prefer to have the doors and windows closed until the preserve is potted up, to prevent wasps and such like being attracted by the smells. Afterwards the whole house gets a blow through.

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