Thursday, 7 March 2013

Notsnarb Pickle

After my Piccalilli in February, my March Chutney taste buds drew me to devising a version of Branston Pickle. 

When I first met hubby, he had a severe aversion to vinegar....I did have a bottle, but had to hide it.  Eventually over the years he has been 'desensitised', and does from time to time partake of pickles or chutneys.....but no vinegar can come near any of the salad dressings, I use only fresh lemon, lime or orange juices.

I love to have my preserves with the minimum of added manufactured or artificial additives, so I rather hope that this chutney will mean than I need no longer buy Branston Pickle.....

I've written up all about it and included the recipe on my other blog, but just in case you are too busy here is a collage for you to enjoy!