Sunday, 25 September 2011

Friends bearing gifts

On Monday Penny arrived and from a bulging trolley brought forth these huge quince from her garden. Thanks so much Penny, and I hope you enjoy the chutney made from my garden plums.

I am reading through my books and have yet to make up my mind how I am going to use the quince.

Also this week David arrived home with more damsons, and pears from a work colleague. Unfortunately I went to bed leaving the damsons on a very gently simmer.....but covered and with a very thick base to the pan, no harm was done. I thought I had turned off the future I shall move the pan off the flame, then I can be sure that no further cooking will take place. I had only been using half the damsons, so the first lot went into the green bid, and I have now preserved the second lot!

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