Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New Equipment Arrives

Yesterday some new equipment arrived. Up till now I've been using the base of my Stainless Steel Cooker. As I had such a pan years ago, I know just how much better it is for making jam. This morning I washed everything well, and decided to make an old favourite from my Cordon Bleu Book of Jam, Preserves and Pickles.

I had also ordered new jars and labels. I love recycling, and hope that the jars will be returned.

This Jam is paticularly soft and rich. Using a clever technique given in the recipe, the plums do not completely disintegrate, and small pieces are suspended in the jam. It takes time to prepare the fruit as it needs to be cut up into just the right size pieces.

Starting with 4 lbs of prepared plums and 3.5 lbs sugar, I produced my first 7 jars for sale. In addition I've made one to keep to check for quality etc., and one to use as a taster. I'll take the jars to Crustum on Friday.


As well as spooned onto fresh scones, or on porridge, this preserve is delicious spooned onto plain yogurt, or added to form a sauce when pan frying duck breasts.