Saturday, 4 August 2012

Apricot & Orange Marmalade

Once or twice a week, we have toast for breakfast, and on toast I almost always have only marmalade.  During the season I stash away some Seville Oranges in the freezer, as as I found Organic Seville Oranges this year, I went a bit mad, and saved more than normal, so I am trying out some different marmalades. 

I have a very good new knife sharpener, which has transformed my knives....they cut like scalpels with no squashing of the fruit.

After the gentle Grapefruit Marmalade, I thought I would try a recipe using a non citrus fruit as well.  The process for preparing the oranges and lemons was a new one for me, in that the fruits, minus the pips, are chopped down fine in a processor before cooking for about an hour, with the pips in a muslin bag.  After that the apricots are added and the whole lot cooked again, before the sugar is added. 

The preserve is soft and tangy at the same time, with the flavour of the sevilles and apricots coming through, the texture is smooth....lovely with croissants, brioche and some of my lovely milk loaf make for the weekend.