Monday, 6 February 2012

Organic Seville Oranges and Lemons from Waitrose for Marmalade

Usually I get my Seville oranges as soon as they appear at the market, but this year I spied that Waitrose was stocking Organic Seville Oranges.  I prefer not to make the whole year's supply all at once, so have stashed away a couple of bags of prepared fruit in the freezer..  The oranges were a little smaller than non organic ones, but the thought of no spray residues on the skins enticed me.  With Organic Lemons as well, a very tasty and nicely set Marmalade is now waiting for the the first of 2012 Club share, together with one of the Pear Chutneys.  For those who really do not like marmalade, may I suggest Apricot Jam with Kernels, which will be next month's jam.  There are a few 'spare' jars of last years preserves available as extras, so if anyone wants to expand their collection, just ask.