Monday, 2 June 2014


When I was stopped in the street by a friend and asked what preserves I had, and will there be any Piccalilli soon, I knew I had to get cracking.

I bought lovely heavy round cauliflowers and all the other veg needed, and set about chopping and salting.

The following morning, I made up the 'sauce' using all the same ingredients I used last time, following the River Cottage Recipe but sizing it up, and used the wonderful local honey, and organic cider vinegar.

Just as last time, I found the colour rich and golden, and dotted with whole spices: so very different to the pale colour of the shop bought variety.

After the mixing, comes the potting up

and finally several jars and a house that reeks of vinegar!  Best now to wait for a month to allow the flavour to mature and mingle into the still slightly crunchy morsels of vegetables.