Sunday, 9 April 2017

Rhubarb and double ginger jam

This month's WI in wells had a bring and buy stall for cakes, cookery books etc.  I came home with a couple of bundles of rhubarb, which I carried home in my small backpack...watching my shadow which was rather amusing!

The following day, having washed and prepared the stems, and having chosen a couple of recipes, and deciding how I would adapt them...then started the macerating process.  I left the rhubarb and ginger mixed with sugar in a covered bowl overnight, and by the next morning the rhubarb had shrunk and most of the sugar was dissolved.

Mr M likes rhubarb and ginger jam..and I decided to do a double ginger and rhubarb jam with 1 Kg of the prepared rhubarb.  In the first instance I very finely chopped a piece of ginger about the size of my thumb.  I had started to grate it and seeing the fibre reminded myself that this is not at all appertizing..and remembered that last time when I made Mango chutney the very fine julienne type strips were much better.  The second hit of ginger comes from some finely sliced crytallised ginger...I did not have the syrup type preserve in the cupboard.  I used 1 Kg standard cane sugar, a lemon, grated and juiced, and half a sachet of pectic, as Mr M likes his jam well set!

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