Sunday, 9 April 2017

Pomelo Marmalade

i've made marmalade with tiny Kumquats but this is my first with the giant of the citrus world.  I've had my eye on these great big fruits for some years, but had never got round to buying one.  They are the biggest citrus fruit...Citrus maxima.  Each year they used to have them at the market in Kenilworth, where they were neither netted or covered in plastic.  Next year I shall keep an eye out for unpackaged fruit.  I say this because having just opened the first jar a couple of days ago, both Mr M and I agree that this is a winner, having an excellent flavour and very good set.

1 Pomelo weighing just over 1 kilo
3 Lemons...everything but the skin.
0.5 litres water
1Kg standard cane sugar

I first washed the Pomelo is very hot water as I was not sure whether or not it was waxed.  The skin is thick and pulpy and the membranes exceeding tough.  The flesh has big juice vesicles, and the taste is not at all bitter and quite sweet.  The fruit, cut into segments,  together with the lemons peeled, was cooked in the pressure cooker for 12 minutes.  I then sieved everything but the skin.  Sieving  is quite hard as the membrane is still really tough and much remains in the sieve.  The cooked skin and its pith was cut into fine slices.  Then the sugar was added, and following usual marmalade techniques I stopped at 105 C, and checked for setting on a cold plate.

Total yield 4 of my large jars (340g), and 2 mediums ones (250g).


  1. This was exquisite! Thanks, Mrs. S

  2. Planning to make this soon. One question:

    Is it better to remove all pith ahead of time?

    Please let me know!

    Thank you, Mrs. S

  3. The pith is attached to the peel and will cook to a soft consistency which I I leave this on the wedges Bianca cut them finely into the shreds.

  4. followed your recipe to a "T". Loved it Mrs. S. Exquisite!