Saturday, 12 October 2013

Plum and Red Onion Confit with Port

My little Plum Tree nothing would it bear last year, but this year....sufficient for different preserves.

I love a pickle or chutney on the side, with salad, cold meats, beans, with cheese on toast.....and this one will be great with bangers and mash!

Juggling various recipes, substituting red onions for white, cider vinegar for red wine, adding some extras, I came up with this one.

All items weighed after preparation:

750g red onions
4 tbsps. organic rapeseed oil
1250g plums
450 ml organic cider vinegar
250 g soft brown sugar
1 tbls pepper corns roughly crushed
1 tsp sea salt
5 tblsps port

Gently cook the onions in the oil, do not 'fry', just enough to 'sweat gently'.  Next time I shall do this for only a short time as the onions continue to cook, and I would like to have seen more whole pieces in the finished confit.

Add the remaining ingredients, except for the sugar, salt and port, and simmer uncovered until the plums are soft.

Over a low heat, add the sugar, and simmer gently until thick.  Add the port, and stir through, add about 1 tsps. salt.  Cool a little on a plate, taste, and add more salt if you wish. Pot into heated jars, and store for about 2 months to mature.  Once opened use within two months.

This one should keep unopened in a cool dark cupboard and continue improving for a year.

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