Monday, 8 October 2012

Reusing Jam Jars

I've just posted my views on today's news item that there are threats to the 'home made reuse jam jars ethic' on my main blog. 

This year the growing season has been dire in the UK, so I have not had the huge rush to try to preserve excess produce from the garden of friends or from my few fruit trees.  I've been buying top quality produce as I see it, and have now a full cupboard ready to distribute.

Since the Apricot & Orange Marmalade, I made the following, some in quite small quantities:

Raspberry Jam, Plum Jam, Nectarine Chutney, Fig Chutney, Beetroot Chutney, Strawberry Jam, Lime Marmalade, More Strawberry Jam, Fig and Orange Conserve, Sweet Eve Strawberry Jam with cloves, and Back to Basics Seville Marmalade. 

I've used Organic Seville Oranges from the freezer for this last one.  I got so excited when I found Organic Oranges for the first time, that I went a little overboard with my shopping! I compensated for the fact that they were frozen by juicing an additional lemon into the fruit before boiling up with the sugar.

I've just designed new labels for the Marmalade and when the jars have their labels on there will be a full preserve cupboard.

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