Sunday, 17 July 2016

Spicy Mango Chutney with demerara sugar

No pictures of the fruit or the preparation...the chutney was made, potted, labelled and stashed away in the preserve cupboard in very short time.  Made on Friday day, and in the cupboard this morning.

The recipe is very similar to the one I made in 2015, except that I wanted a slightly richer flavour.  I used demerara sugar in place of white, and used some of my Cornish Chilli sea salt, as my little pepper plant is no more.  I also omitted the red sweet pepper.

Earlier this year in February, when there were some magnificent Mangoes in the shops, I made a batch similar to the one in 2015, but without the sweet red pepper, and that is now finished.  A little mango chutney in sandwiches with either cold meats or cheese adds a nice mellow tone.


  1. Greetings Mrs. Mace;

    I must ask: Did you use the same amount of grams as white sugar when you substituted Demerara, or did you adjust accordingly?
    By the way, I LOVED the Apricot/Pistachio chutney. Fantastic!

    As always, Thank you,
    Jason from the States

  2. Same weight of demerara pleased you liked the apricot with pistachio. I am very much inspired to create flavours to go with the breads I will bake. They are on my other blog.

  3. Ahh! Found it, Thank you kindly!