Saturday, 8 October 2011

Blackberry and Crab Apple Jelly

It was bring and buy at the Kenilworth Gardening Club this week, and knowing my love of preserving, I was 'pressured' into buying a bag of crab apples.  Together with all this year's meagre pickings of blackberries from the freezer, with equal weights of each of these fruit I thought of making a tasty jelly suitable to have with meats, or as a sweet spread for bread,scones etc.

I washed all the apples and cut off the stalks, and worked out my quantities and the ratios etc.  After gentle cooking, it was time to drain off the juices.  Normally I drape some muslin over a colander, but this time with about three kilos of fruit, I needed to improvise.

The fruit in the muslin hung from the big preserving spoon resting on rungs of the clothes airer, to give the required height above the bowl.  I made up 10x 240g jars of jelly.

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