Sunday, 7 August 2016

Plum Jam with rum

It has been plums galore:  a gift from a friend.  I made some plums into jam, and then finished the preserve off with some rum...not just any rum but some of my Rhum Bougainville, Vieux Domaine from Mauritius.  I would perhaps have used Port normally...but we are out of it, and then I spied my bottle of Rhum which I brought back over 10 years ago.

1.3Kg prepared plums..stones removed, and chopped into smallish pieces
1Kg sugar
juice of a lime
2 tbsps rum any dark rum....

The fruit, juice, and hollowed out lime were cooked gently with 400g water for about twenty minutes, before the sugar was added.  Stirring until dissolved, then brought up to a rolling boil, I stirred to pan to avoid any fruit catching, and checked for the 105C point, then also did the plate test.  When I was happy, I allowed the jam to cool, removed the lime skins, and kept stirring a little at first to make sure no scum formed, then added the rum.  Exactly five large 350g jars are now ready to have me design the labels, and store away.

There will be a jar for Janet of course, together with a couple jars of chutney.  When I went to fetch the plums, I took over a jar of my courgette chutney, which having nicely matured is ready for eating.


  1. I cant wait to try this, Ma'am. The post was well done and read deliciously well!

    Thank you!

  2. Having a nice jar of preserves to hand can transform a pleased you have the same opinion.

  3. Lovely. I just popped open a jar from a batch from December. The flavor was nice. One question: How long do you allow a batch to mature before eating.... Just curious!
    Thank you. I'm so glad that I found you on the internet!

    1. I am so pleased you like some of my preserves, and then making them for yourself Jason. If you are putting in the kernels from the plums, I would say a month,...but the wonderful thing with preserves is that even when in the jar they are not constant..they change with time, sometimes wonderfully, like wine maturing..but then you also have to watch out for moulds and rust from the lids in some situations.

  4. By luck, I waited a month!

    Thank you! I shall be vigilant!