Saturday, 18 July 2015

Chutney Time

Its maybe a little early in the year for traditional chutney making to start.  Usually it gets under way when there is a glut of things in gardens for people to use which would be starting September.  I no longer have an allotment, but we have a great market and also very good local greengrocery shop: Joe Richards.  It is when I see some fruit or vegetables at their peek of perfection that I feel it is time to preserve.

It is Chutney Making time chez Mrs Mace, for two reasons:  there is very little chutney left, and the jam jar cupboard is full.  The only chutney I had to give to my friend Diane when she came up from Stratford was a jar of Mango which had only been make within a week.

Friday was a massive Chutney making day.

I had prepared all the vegetables for the Piccallili Thursday night, and first thing saw me chopping some lovely small green and very fresh courgettes that I had picked up from Joe Richards.

Then it was all the onions, garlic etc.  Spices mixed and the lovely Biona Organic Cider Vinegar and time stirring it all together on the hob.

Now I need to prepare the labels, for the Courgette Chutney, and the Piccallili  and put these away in the preserve cupboard.  I may just enter a jar from each of these for the Autumn Shows, it will be just perfectly matured by then.


  1. Such interesting things to do with vegetables, I have never tried making Chutney. I guess since it is cooked it wouldn't ferment and swell up like sauerkraut.

    1. I've never made sauerkraut before nor have I tasted the real things, without chemicals etc. Chutneys and pickles bring that zing to dishes and salads. Cathy went home with a jar of Piccallili yesterday as 'the golfer' really liked it. I hope you have a go. The courgette chutney is really special, and I have posted my own original recipe for that one on the blog.